Experience premium travelling thanks to our U.S. Travel Concierge Service

What is your benefit?

While travelling to the U.S. and having applied to our U.S. Travel Concierge Service, we will cover all questions that might appear during your trip. We will consult you in topics such as:

  • What rental car service to use
  • Which hotel rooms have the lowest costs while providing the highest quality
  • Which restaurants should be visited (we also do the reservation for you if you like!)
  • How to update your ESTA travel permit
  • How to apply for a working or study exchange visa

Upon receiving your invoice, you can email us at [email protected] and tell us your invoice number to get your concierge service activated. We will not activate it without your request to do so. Your service membership will be valid for 2 years.

When contacting us while already inside the U.S., please always state your invoice number (which is also your concierge service number). We will then connect you to the apropriate concierge service consultant who will answer your questions and help you.