ESTA for USA – Your Travel Permit for the United States2019-12-11T15:31:01+00:00

Electronic System for
Travel Authorization (ESTA)

  • Business, Tourism & Transit Visa

  • Stay up to 90 days

  • Valid for 2 years

  • Multiple entry


This is how the application works

  • 1. Fill out your application form

  • 2. Pay the service fee

  • 3. Receive decision via mail

  • 4. ESTA will be linked to your passport

  • 5. Start your trip to the US

Things you will need for your application

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity

  • Credit card

  • Valid Email address

  • 15 minutes of your time

  • Working internet connection

Questions you will have to answer during your ESTA application


Name, Age, Heritage, Gender

Who are you?

In the first part of the form you will be asked for your personals. Authority needs to know who exactly you are in order to decide about your application.

Travel Info

Date of travel, destination

Where do you go?

In the second step, you will have to answer questions regarding your planned trip including: Travel date, point of contact in the US and address of destination.

Background Check

Criminal records, convictions

Are you eligible?

In the third part, you will be asked questions to get information about your background. Were you ever convicted for a crime, did you travel to certain countries

38 Countries are eligible for ESTA:

Andorra Estonia Italy Monaco Slovakia
Australia Finland Japan Netherlands Slovenia
Austria France Republic of Korea New Zealand Spain
Belgium Germany Latvia Norway Sweden
Brunei Greece Liechtenstein Poland Switzerland
Chile Hungary Lithuania Portugal Taiwan
Czech Republic Iceland Luxembourg San Marino United Kingdom
Denmark Ireland Malta Singapore

*Disclaimer: is a commercial service that provides visa application assistance in exchange for a processing fee of 95.00 $. It already includes 14 $ (USD) of the US authority’s processing fee for issuing an ESTA. You can also order your electronic visa without our added service and directly from the competent authority for this smaller fee of 14 $ (USD). The difference between the authority’s processing fee and our full service fee is the price for the described visa support service which is the main part of the service we sell.

If you hire us as your service provider to process your entry application, we cannot guarantee that your application will be approved.

The decision on approval or rejection is always up to the competent authority and cannot be influenced; our service is fulfilled when your application is submitted to the authority. In case of an order you do NOT pay us for the receipt of an entry permit, but for the support during the application.